New at the Pilates Station

Beginner classes for clients who have never done pilates or who have not practice for at least a year. Intermediate, and Advanced sessions to challenge the body for those who are interested and ready.

Coming Soon: There will be workshops for independent contractors and clients. More evening classes and will add hours to the Saturday schedule.

A grand reopening and sidewalk sale of retail coming July 17th from 7am until 2pm. There will be light refreshments and instructors ready to give you a complimentary 20 minutes session starting at 11am. Please stop by and celebrate with us!!!

24 Hours Cancellation Policy: We acknowledge that emergencies, and other conflicts arise and are unavoidable sometimes. We are asking all clients to be courteous and provide advance notice of at least 24 hours whenever possible. This allows us to fulfill other clients scheduling needs and keep the studio running efficiently. By given last minute notice or no notice at all you prevent someone else from being able to schedule into that time slot. To avoid a $25 cancellation fee please notify the office at 520-647-3346 by calling, text message, or email. Thank you for your understanding and your efforts!!!